Gaurav Kandlikar

email:   Gaurav Kandlikar
office:  LS 3209

Research Interest

I am fascinated by plant biodiversity and am conducting my thesis work on understanding how spatial environmental variation, intra-specific variation in plant functional traits, and interactions between plants and microbes can influence species coexistence. I am conducting my dissertation research at Sedgwick Reserve in central coastal California, which boasts a beautiful and diverse annual plant community.


Kandlikar, G.S*., Vaz, M.C*., Kriebel, R., Vargas, G., Michelangeli, F., Cordero, R., Avalos, G., Almeda, F., Fetcher, N, Kraft, N.J.B. (2018) Low functional and phylogenetic turnover of melastomes along a Costa Rican elevational gradient Journal of Tropical Ecology

Hanson, W., and 14 others, including Kandlikar, G.S (2018) Student reflections on careers and culture of 21st century ecology Ecosphere

Petry, W., Kandlikar, G., Kraft, N.J.B., Godoy, O., and Levine, J.M.L (2018) Seed-harvesting ants reshuffle plant community diversity by diminishing and reversing fitness hierarchies Journal of Ecology

Honors and Awards

NSF GRFP: 2014


2013   University of Minnesota   Bachelor of Science    Plant Biology; Ecology, Evolution & Behavior