Zachary Gold

email:   Zachary Gold
phone:  (310) 795-0020
office:  TLSB 2140
advisor: Paul Barber

Research Interest

He is broadly interested in studying the interplay between local (pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction) and global (climate change and ocean acidification) stressors on marine ecosystems and using this information to improve marine policy and coastal management under climate change. Currently, Zack is focused on using environmental DNA (eDNA) and metagenomics to create rapid marine biodiversity assessments to study marine protected area design across the Southern California Marine Protected Area Network.


Gold, Zachary & Palumbi, Stephen (2018) Long-term growth rates and effects of bleaching in Acropora hyacinthus Coral Reefs 37: 267–277 Springer

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentations at the UCLA EEB Research Symposium, 2nd prize: 2017

National Geographic Young Explorer: 2016

UCLA Dean Scholar Award: 2016

NSF GRFP: 2015


2015   Stanford University   BS    Marine Biology with Honors & minor in Environmental Systems Engineering