Kelcie Chiquillo

email:   Kelcie Chiquillo
phone:  (310) 206-7885
office:  TLSB 2154
advisor: Paul Barber

Research Interest

Broadly I'm interested in marine conservation and invasive biology, specifically identifying the mechanisms that underlie invasion. For my dissertation, I am focusing on an aquatic marine invasive seagrass that is overtaking the Caribbean seas. For my dissertation, I'm using multidisciplinary techniques to understand the evolutionary and ecological dynamics that influence its invasion. More specifically I am asking how it arrived to the Caribbean, how it competes with other native seagrasses in the Caribbean and determine whether there are any novel microbes associated with its invasion. I developed this project in hopes to better inform management.


Chiquillo, K.L., Ebert, D.A., Slager, C.J., & Crow, K.D. (2014) The secret of the mermaid’s purse: Phylogenetic affinities within the Rajidae and the evolution of a novel reproductive strategy in skates Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 75: 245-251

Honors and Awards

NSF GRFP: 2015

Outstanding SACNAS UCLA Chapter Member: 2015


2014   San Francisco State University   Bachelor in Science    Marine Biology & Limnology