Vanessa Apkenas

email:   Vanessa Apkenas
phone:  (310) 267-4460
office:  TLSB 4162
advisor: Michael Alfaro


Ruegg, K., E.C. Anderson, K.L. Paxton, V. Apkenas, S. Lao, R.B. Siegel, D.F. DeSante, F. Moore and T.B. Smith (2014) Mapping migration in a songbird using high-resolution genetic markers Molecular Ecology 23: 5726-5739

Kay, K.M., V. Apkenas, and J.M. Yost (2012) Expressed sequence tag library development and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Neotropical spiral gingers, Costus (Costaceae) Molecular Ecology Resources 12: 374-376

Honors and Awards

Grant-In-Aid for Society for Systematic Biologists Standalone Meeting: 2015

Travel Award to The Multiple Dimensions of Biodiversity Science Symposium, Society for Study of Evolution, Evolution Meeting: 2015

Betty and E.P. Franklin Grant in Tropical Biology and Conservation, Center for Tropical Research, UCLA: 2015

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: 2014

UC Santa Cruz College Honors: 2007

University of California Regents Scholar: 2006

UC Santa Cruz Merit Award: 2005


2007   University of California Santa Cruz   BS    Ecology & Evolutionary Biology