Katelyn Gostic

email:   Katelyn Gostic
phone:  310-206-8207
office:  TLSB 4000
advisor: James Lloyd-smith

Research Interest

My core research focus is the impact of childhood immune history on influenza virus epidemiology.

I am also interested in studying how newly emerged diseases spread through host populations (and in factors that inhibit their spread).


Gostic, K. Ambrose, M. Worobey, M. Lloyd-Smith, J.O. (2016) Potent protection against H5N1 and H7N9 influenza via childhood hemagglutinin imprinting Science 354: 722-726

Gostic, K. Kucharski, A. & Lloyd-Smith J.O. (2015) Effectiveness of traveller screening for emerging pathogens is shaped by epidemiology and natural history of infection eLife 4:

Buhnerkempe, M.G. Gostic, K. Park, M. Ahsan, P. Belser, J. Lloyd-Smith, J.O. (2015) Mapping influenza transmission in the ferret model to transmission in humans eLife 4: e07969


2013   Princeton   A.B. summa cum laude    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology