Erin Toffelmier

email:   Erin Toffelmier
office:  LSB 4215
advisor: H. Bradley Shaffer

Research Interest

My research focuses on understanding how California's diverse landscapes have contributed to species diversity. I also focus on applying population genetic approaches to conservation management questions.


Curd, E; Pollinger, J; Toffelmier, E; Smith, TB. (2011) Rapid Influenza A Detection and Quantification using a One-Step Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase PCR and High Resolution Melting Journal of Virological Methods

Fuller, T; Saatchi, S; Curd, E; Toffelmier, E; Thomassen, H; Buermann, W; DeSante, DF; Nott, MP; Saracco, JF; Ralph, CJ; Alexander, J; Pollinger, J; Smith, TB. (2010) Mapping the Risk of Avian Influenza in Wild Birds in the US. BMC Infectious Diseases

Njabo, K; Cornel, A; Bonneaud, C; Toffelmier, E; Sehgal, R; Valkiunas, G; Russell, AF; Smith, TB (2010) Non-specific Patterns of Vector, Host and Avian Malaria Parasite Associations in a Central African Rainforest Molecular Ecology


2008   UCLA   BS    Biology