Doug Booher

email:   Doug Booher
phone:  310-230-551
office:  Bot 118
advisor: Patricia Adair Gowaty


D. Booher, J. A. MacGown, S.P. Hubbell, and R. M. Duffield (2017) Colony structure and spatial partitioning of cavity dwelling ant species in nuts of eastern US forest floors Transactions of the American Entomological Society 143: 79-93

Guénard, B, J.Z. Shik, D. Booher, D. Lubertazzi, and G. Alpert (2016) Extreme polygyny in the previously unstudied subtropical ant Temnothorax tuscaloosae with implications for the biogeographic study of the evolution of polygyny Insect Sociaux July: 1-9

Wetterer, James K.; Guenard, Benoit; Booher, Douglas B. (2015) Geographic spread of Vollenhovia emeryi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae.) ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY 7: 107-114

Honors and Awards

Ernst Mayr Grant for Systematics, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard: 2017

NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship: 2017

Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA: 2017

Student Transition and Early Professionals Committee grant award from the Entomological Society of America: 2016

Fellowship award from the UCLA graduate awards subcommittee: 2016

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: 2013


1998   University of Georgia   BS    Ecology