Jonathan Chang

email:   Jonathan Chang
phone:  (310) 206-2240
office:  TLSB 2154
advisor: Michael Alfaro


DL Rabosky, JS Mitchell, J Chang (2017) Is BAMM flawed? Theoretical and practical concerns in the analysis of multi-rate diversification models Systematic Biology 66: 477-498

J Chang, ME Alfaro (2016) Crowdsourced geometric morphometrics enable rapid large-scale collection and analysis of phenotypic data Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7: 472-482

E Gjesfjeld, J Chang, D Silvestro, C Kelty, and ME Alfaro (2016) Competition and extinction explain the evolution of diversity in American automobiles Palgrave Communications 2: 16019

PS Gilbert, J Chang, C Pan, E Sobel, JS Sinsheimer, BC Faircloth, ME Alfaro (2015) Genome-wide ultraconserved elements exhibit higher phylogenetic informativeness than traditional gene markers in percomorph fishes Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 92: 140-146

DL Rabosky, F Santini, JM Eastman, SA Smith, BL Sidlauskas, J Chang, ME Alfaro (2013) Rates of speciation and morphological evolution are correlated across the largest vertebrate radiation Nature Communications 4: 1958

BC Faircloth, J Chang, ME Alfaro (2012) TAPIR enables high-throughput estimation and comparison of phylogenetic informativeness incorporating locus-specific substitution models arXiv 1202.1215

Honors and Awards

UCLA EEB A. M. Schechtman Award for distinguished teaching : 2017

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: 2016

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. David and Marvalee Wake Award for best student presentation: 2016

Stephen and Ruth Wainwright Fellowship: 2014

Encyclopedia of Life Rubenstein Research Fellowship: 2013

Whitcome Summer Research Fellowship: 2010


2011   UCLA   BS    Biology (minor: Conservation Biology)