Rachel Chock

email:   Rachel Chock
phone:  825-3128
office:  LS 4329
advisor: Gregory Grether


Chock, R.Y., T.W. Wey, L.A. Ebensperger, L.D. Hayes (2017) Evidence for a behavioural syndrome and negative social assortment by exploratory personality in the communally nesting rodent, Octodon degus Behaviour 154: 541-562

Baker, J.A., M.A. Wund, R.Y. Chock, L. Ackein, R. Elsemore, S.A. Foster (2010) Predation history and vulnerability: conservation of the stickleback adaptive radiation Biological Conservation 143: 1184-1192

Honors and Awards

Dean’s Summer Scholar Award: 2017

Sea & Sage Audubon Bloom-Hays Ecological Research Grant : 2015

Animal Behavior Society E. O. Wilson Conservation Award: 2014

La Kretz Center for CA Conservation Science Student Grant: 2013

GAANN Fellowship: 2012

UCLA Chancellor’s Prize : 2011

UCLA Graduate Division Pauley Fellowship: 2011


2007   Clark University   BA    Environmental Science and Conservation Biology

2008   Clark University   MA    Biology