Mairin Balisi

email:   Mairin Balisi
phone:  825-4669
office:  TLSB 2162
advisor: Blaire Van Valkenburgh


Balisi, M., X. Wang, J. Sankey, J. Biewer, D. Garber. (in review) Fossil canids from the Mehrten Formation, Late Cenozoic of Northern California. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Brown, C., M. Balisi, C. Shaw, and B. Van Valkenburgh. (2017) Skeletal trauma reflects hunting behavior in extinct sabertooth cats and dire wolves. Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Honors and Awards

UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship: 2016

UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Special Faculty Award: 2016

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: 2015


2011   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor   M.S.    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

2008   University of California, Berkeley   B.A.    Integrative Biology; Comparative Literature