Tiffany Armenta

email:   Tiffany Armenta
phone:  (310) 825-5014
office:  TLSB 4140
advisor: Daniel BlumsteinRobert Wayne


GC Johnson, MT Karajah, K Mayo, TC Armenta and DT Blumstein (2016) The bigger they are, the better they taste: size predicts predation risk and anti-predator behavior in giant clams. Journal of Zoology

A Pezner, A Lim, J Kang, TC Armenta and DT Blumstein (2016) Hiding behavior in Christmas tree worms on different time scales. Behavioral Ecology

N Sastre, J Curti, TC Armenta, D Fraser, R Kelly, E Hunt, C Zewe, O Francino, RK Wayne and L Ferrer (in press) Detection, prevalence and phylogenetic relationships of Demodex mites in wild and domestic mammals. PLoS ONE

LEK Serieys, TC Armenta, JG Moriarty, EE Boydston, LM Lyren, RH Poppenga, KR Crooks, RK Wayne, and SPD Riley (2015) Anticoagulant rodenticides in urban bobcats: exposure, risk factors and potential effects based on a 16-year study. Ecotoxicology

Honors and Awards

Scherbaum award for outstanding research during the PhD: 2017

NSF Graduate Research Internship, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute: 2015

GAANN Fellowship: 2014

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship: 2012

Eugene V. Cota Robles Fellowship: 2011


2008   University of California, Los Angeles   BA    Geography/Environmental Science