Samantha Cheng

email:   Samantha Cheng
phone:  794-5511
office:  TLSB 2140
advisor: Paul Barber


Cheng SH, Anderson FE, Bergman A, Mahardika GN, Muchlisin ZA, Dang TB, Calumpong HP, Mohamed KS, Sasikumar G, Venkatesan V, Barber PH (2014) Molecular evidence for co-occurring cryptic lineages within the Sepioteuthis cf. lessoniana species complex in the Indian and Indo-West Pacific Oceans Hydrobiologia 725(1): 165-188

Anderson FE, Bergman A, Cheng SH, Pankey MS, Valinassab T (2014) Lights out: the evolution of bacterial bioluminescence in Loliginidae Hydrobiologia 725(1): 189-203

Bottrill M, Cheng SH, Garside R, Wongbusarakum S, Roe D, Holland MB, Edmond J, Turner WR (2014) What are the impacts of nature conservation interventions on human well-being: a systematic map protocol Environmental Evidence 3(16): 1-11

Barber PH, Cheng SH, Erdmann MV, Tenggardjaja K, Ambariyanto (2011) Evolution and conservation of marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle: Insights from stomatopod Crustacea Phylogeography and Population Genetics of Crustacea Crustacean Issues: CRC Press

Honors and Awards

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: 2011

Lemelson Fellowship: 2011


2009   Scripps College   B.A.    Organismal Biology and Ecology