Sergio Nigenda Morales

email:   Sergio Nigenda Morales
phone:  310-825-5014
office:  TLSB 4140
advisor: Robert Wayne


Chabot C. and Nigenda S. (2011) Characterization of 13 microsatellite loci for the tope shark, Galeorhinus galeus, discovered with next-generation sequencing and their utility for eastern Pacific smooth-hound sharks (Mustelus) Conservation Genetics Resources 3: 553-555

Alter SE, Flores-Ramirez S, Nigenda S, Urban-R. J, Rojas-Bracho L and Palumbi SR. (2009) Mitochondrial and nuclear genetic variation across calving lagoons in Eastern North Pacific gray whales. Journal of Heredity 100: 34-46

Nigenda-Morales S, Flores-Ramirez S, Urban-R. J and Vazquez-Juarez R. (2008) MHC DQB-1 polymorphism in the Gulf of California fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) population. Journal of Heredity 99: 14-21

Honors and Awards

UC-MEXUS Dissertation Grant: 2012

UC-MEXUS Small Grant: 2011

UC-MEXUS Doctoral Fellowship: 2008


2005   Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur. Mexico   B.S.    Marine Biology