The Curious Naturalist Seminar Series

April 25, 2012

green fire"Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time"

The first full-length, high-definition documentary film ever made about legendary conservationist Aldo Leopold and his environmental legacy. Leopold is one of the most important conservation thinkers of the twentieth-century, and is probably best known as the author of the conservation classic A Sand County Almanac. This work was a catalyst for our evolving ecological awareness and inspired people to see the natural world as a community in which humans are an integral part.

Green Fire shares highlights from Leopold's life and extraordinary career, explaining how he shaped conservation in the twentieth century and still inspires people today. The film explores Leopold's personal journey of observation and understanding and reveals how his ideas resonate today with people across the entire American landscape, from inner cities to the remotest wildlands. It challenges viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the land community.

The film features commentary from conservation leaders and practitioners, including scientists, ranchers, scholars, and three of Aldo Leopold's children. Dr. Curt Meine, Leopold's biographer, serves as the on-camera guide to his life and legacy, making the connections between Leopold's ideas and their continuing expression in today's current conservation movement.

Dr. Stanley Temple, Senior Fellow of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, will introduce the film and conduct the post-screening discussion.

(co-hosted with IoES)