February 15 2018

11:00 158 HH

This seminar is sponsored by EEB and QC Bio

Will Ludington
Molecular and Cell Biology Department
UC Berkeley

Complex Gut Microbial Ecology Shapes Drosophila Fitness


Nearly every macro-organism on earth is populated with a diverse community of microorganisms bound together in a complex web of ecological interactions. These host-associated microbial communities often impact the hostís health. Thus, a comprehensive understanding of host fitness requires understanding the ecology of its microbiome. To dissect this complexity, my lab has developed the relatively simple and tractable Drosophila gut microbiome as a model. I will discuss current work from my lab on (i) colonization of the gut(probabilistic invasion dynamics), (ii) complex microbiome ecology (higher-order interactions), and (iii) how these processes shape host fitness. The results provide insights into basic principles of ecology and strategies for human microbiome engineering.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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