May 19 2017

12:00 Boyer 159

Adam Kucharski
Assistant Professor, London School of Hygiene \&\; Tropical Medicine

Using data from Pacific Island Outbreaks to Understand the transmission dynamics of dengue and Zika


Outbreaks of flaviruses such as dengue and Zika can generate a substantial disease burden. However, understanding the dynamics of these infections remains challenging, because outbreaks can be influenced by several factors, including prior population immunity, seasonal variation in transmission, and population structure.Islands can be useful case studies for analysing such infections, as outbreaks are typically self-limiting after introduction from external sources. I will talk about recent work we\'ve done that combines multiples data sources--including clinical surveillance reports and serological field studies--with mathematical models to investigate outbreaks in Fiji, Micronesia and French Polynesia.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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