April 20 2017

11:00 158 Hershey Hall

Shane Campbell-Staton
Department of Animal Biology
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Evolution in the Anthropocene: Reptilian adaptation to human-mediated environmental change


Human modifications to the natural world present extreme and novel environments for many species around the globe. These drastic environmental changes provide contemporary experiments to test hypotheses regarding climate-mediated evolution and adaptation. Additionally, they help us to better understand, predict and mitigate deleterious effects of such events. Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton will discuss his current work exploring physiological and genomic adaptation to extreme weather events, urbanization and global warming, focusing on lizards of the genus Anolis. Using an integrative approach, he seeks to understand how thermally sensitive species evolve in response to novel thermal habitats over prehistoric and contemporary time periods.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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