March 13 2017

11:00 159 Boyer Hall

This seminar is sponsored by EEB and QCB

Sean Gibbons
Department of Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Microbial systems as quantitative models for ecology


The study of model microorganisms fueled the molecular revolution of the 20th century and fundamentally changed the face of biology. Today, a similar revolution has taken hold of microbial ecology and evolution, made possible by our technological capacity to cheaply sequence DNA from whole ecosystems. Microbial communities, due to their size and compressed timescales, are excellent empirical systems for asking intractable ecological and evolutionary questions. Here, I present a series of studies where I have used microbial communities to address long-standing controversies in ecology. I conclude with ongoing work on high-resolution ecological dynamics in the mammalian gut and how these dynamics relate to host health.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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