March 8 2017

11:00 158 HH

This seminar is sponsored by EEB and QCB

Kate Langwig
Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Ecology, Impacts, and Extinction in Infectious Diseases of Wildlife


Massive expansion in the distribution of pathogens due to urbanization, encroachment, and human movements has driven changes in species communities and ecosystem function. Important determinants of host-pathogen interactions may differ across space and time due to differences in hosts, pathogens, or the environment, making prediction of transmission pathways a key challenge in biodiversity conservation and human health. However, synthesizing drivers of disease dynamics across disease contexts can enable greater understanding of host-pathogen systems, and allow for more effective efforts to control disease. Using empirical and theoretical approaches, I will explore prospective approaches conducted early in pathogen invasion to determine which species will persist with infectious disease. I will also address the importance of heterogeneity in pathogen load as a common mechanism determining species and population persistence across continental spatial scales. Lastly, I will explore the role of selection and vaccination in determining host heterogeneity and epidemic size. These findings emphasize the importance of pathogens in influencing population dynamics and driving changes in species communities.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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