December 3 2015

11:00 LSB 2320

Ros Gleadow
University of Monash, Australia

Visualising growth/defense tradeoffs: harnessing the power of phenomics and biospectronoscopy to gain new insights into ecosystem function


The partitioning of resources between defence and growth in different ecosystems varies in space and time and herbivore pressure . Quantifying the costs of deploying defenses against biotic and abiotic stress has proved elusive. Monitoring of plant growth and composition is being transformed by new imaging methods. Nondestructive measurements mean that individual plants can be followed over time, giving new insights into phenotypic plasticity and response to abiotic and biotic stress. I will present unpublished and published results on how we are using whole plant phenomics and FT-IR and Raman imaging to analyse the costs and benefits of specialized metabolites, focusing on cyanogenic glucosides.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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