November 6 2015

10:00 LSB 2320

Menachem Moshelion
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Role of Vascular Bundle-Sheath Aquaporins in Regulating Leaf Hydraulic Conductance


I'm a molecular physiologist interested in elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling whole-plant Water-Use Efficiency, water-potential homeostasis and crop productivity, under normal and abiotic stress conditions. Mainly we focused in small membrane proteins which function as water channels Aquaporins (AQPs).

Our research hypothesis is that AQPs might be good candidates for controlling the plant's osmotic and hydraulic conductivity, and since some AQPs have been reported to conduct CO2, there was a strong likelihood that they could be used to improve osmotic stress tolerance and Water-Use Efficiency in plants (Our agricultural model plant is tomato (Solanum lycopersicom)).











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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