April 21 2015

11:00 158 Hershey Hall

Liana Zanette
Department of Biology, University of Western Ohio

The Dimensions of Fear: From Brains to Populations to Ecosystems


Predator-prey interactions have shaped all life on earth. The unrelenting risk of being killed by a predator is a hallmark of predator-prey interactions that must be unlike any other stressor that animals face because the consequence of failing to avoid a predator leads to death and so is definitive, unforgiving, and irreversible. In our work, Mike Clinchy, students and I conduct large-scale manipulations in the field in conjunction with complimentary studies in the lab designed to measure the extent to which predation risk \(i.e. predator-induced fear\) leaves a lasting imprint on birds and mammals in all respects from neurobiology to behaviour and physiology, to dramatic effects on population dynamics and ecosystem functioning, and we examine how fear in free-living wildlife can lend insight into human mental health.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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