May 6 2015

12:00 LSB 2320

This seminar is sponsored by The Center for Tropical Research, IoES and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Leslie Ruyle
Center of Conflict and Development, Texas A&M University

Conservation and Development in a Conflict Zone: Threats and Strategies from the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the Albertine Graben


Conservation and conflict are often considered inextricably linked,with the spectrum of conflict ranging from small disputes tofull-scale war. The Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo \(DRC\) and theAlbertine Graben region have been suffering inter- and intrastateconflict for more than 20 years. This region is also one of the mostbiodiverse areas of the world and home to great natural resourcewealth, including highly valued oil, coltan and diamonds. Despite, orperhaps in part due to this great wealth, there is extreme poverty inthe region with DRC ranking as the penultimate country on a recentUnited Nations Human Development Index. Can conservation initiativesbe effective in an area with armed rebels living inside and around aprotected area\? Can a World Heritage site be one of the primarydrivers for bringing peace and stability to a region of conflict\?During this talk, I will discuss the many threats the Eastern DRC andAlbertine Graben face and the strategies currently being employed toconserve and develop this biodiverse region.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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