January 29 2015

5:00 pm BSRB 154

EcoEvoPub Series

Graduate Student Presentations



Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

"Ecomorphology, Use in Evolution and Conservation"

Ecomorphology is a comparative discipline focused on the connections between morphological and ecological diversity. The ecomorphological approach examines the optimization of functional morphology to specific ecological aspects at multiple levels: among individuals within a species, among species and higher taxa, and among guilds and communities. Such examinations of the causative connections between form, function and ecology present an important and a relevant framework for addressing adaptation. Thus, the analyses of ecomorphological variables through an evolutive perspective are common. On the other hand, also when ecological analyses are basics in conservation, the combination of ecology and morphology is relatively new in conservation analyses. Here I will present some study cases of ecomorphological analysis since an evolutionary and conservationist perspective.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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