December 8 2014

4:00 pm 158 HH

This seminar is sponsored by Departments of EEB and History

James Moore
The Open University, UK

Fuegians, not finches: the meaning of Darwin\'s first contact


Popular preoccupation with the biogeography of the Galapagos Islands in the history of Darwins science has deflected attention from other sites that enabled him to work towards a theory of evolution during the voyage of HMS Beagle. By scrutinizing primary texts, maps and other images, this lecture seeks to convert the Galapagos preoccupation into a focus on Tierra del Fuego where, far more than in the Galapagos, Darwin had experiences leading to radically destabilizing thoughts that steeled him to devote his life to solving the contemporary mystery of mysteries, how living species originate naturally through common descent.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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