October 29 2014

12:00 LSB 2320

Casey terHorst
Department of Biology, California State Universirty Northridge

Evolution on contemporary time scales alters species interactions Evolution on contemporary time scales alters species interactions


Although we typically think about trait evolution over hundreds of generations, evolution can also occur on short ecologically-relevant time scales, especially in response to global change. When this happens, evolution has the potential to alter the outcome of species interactions. I use a combination of mathematical modeling and experiments on the microcosm protist communities that exist within the leaves of carnivorous pitcher plants to test eco-evolutionary hypotheses. Additionally, because species in natural communities interact with a suite of competitors, predators, and mutualists, trait evolution may be affected by multiple selection pressures, including indirect effects among these interacting species. In order to understand how evolution occurs in a community context, it is crucial to understand the relative importance of multiple direct and indirect interactions in natural communities.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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