October 1 2014

12:00 LSB 2320

Michael Alfaro
Dept of EEB, UCLA

Phylogenomic and phyloinformatic approaches towards understanding the diversification of ray-finned fishes


Ray-finned fishes comprise over half of all vertebrate species yet fundamental questions surrounding the origin, diversification, and evolutionary history of this vast radiation remain unanswered. New phylogenomic approaches based upon sequence capture of DNA ultra conserved elements offer the potential to resolve long standing knotty questions in the ray finned fish tree of life across scales that span the deepest divergences within fishes to radiations that have unfolded over the last few million years. I will present results showing how UCEs clarify our understanding of several major radiation of ray-finned fishes, including the spiny fins (Acanthomorpha), a clade that includes 1/3rd of all vertebrates. I will also show how comparative approaches can be integrated with massive super-matrix phylogenies to provide new insights into the factors that underlie patterns of biodiversity across the fish tree of life.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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