January 16 2014

5:00 pm LSB 2320

EcoEvoPub Series

Graduate Student Presentations


Stacie Fejtek
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

"Best Practices for Southern California Coastal Wetland Restoration and Management in the Face of Climate Change"

Significant efforts are underway to restore the natural habitats, diversity and ecological functioning of southern California coastal wetlands. However, these activities face substantial uncertainties and this in turn has led to heated debate and costly litigation between parties as to what are the appropriate strategies to restore these critical habitats. Although there is no single recipe for a successful wetland restoration, there is a need for a region-wide general guidance document to aid managers and decision makers in determining the fate of wetlands in a warming world. This study focuses on developing a guidance document which suggests best planning practices and restoration strategies for wetlands managers and those engaged in the restoration of wetlands to avoid unnecessary conflicts and pitfalls by gathering knowledge of past restorations throughout southern California. Identifying best management practices (BMPs) throughout the restoration process will aid in meeting both short and long term goals of coastal wetland restoration in southern California. Valuable lessons learned in one restoration may be the crux of success of another. Lessons not captured in annual reports or scientific literature can help guide region-wide success in restoration of coastal wetlands.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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