May 16 2012

4:00 pm UCLA Faculty Center

James H. Brown
Distinguished Professor of Biology, at the University of New Mexico

Tribute to George Bartholomew: Reflections on Human Ecology Tribute to George Bartholomew: Reflections on Human Ecology


15th Annual Biology Research Symposium

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1:00pm, Research Posters and Reception with Refreshments
UCLA Faculty Center

4:00pm , Research Symposium Lecture
Sequoia Room, UCLA Faculty Center

Distinguished Professor of Biology
University of New Mexico

“Tribute to George Bartholomew: Reflections on Human


Former UCLA Professor of Zoology George Bartholomew and his anthropologist colleague Joseph Birdsell wrote a perceptive paper on the evolution of the special ecological and evolutionary traits than make us human. These traits have allowed Homo sapiens to explode out of Africa, fill the Earth with 7 billion people, and become the most dominant organism the earth has ever seen. This history is an expression of our universal biological heritage – the Malthusian potential for exponential population growth and the Darwinian potential for adaptation that we share with all living things. This history is also an expression of our uniquely human nature – using our hands, brains, and technological inventions to harvest the planet’s natural resources, convert them into goods and services, and grow our population and economy. The biological nature of human nature will in large part determine the future of our species.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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