January 25 2012

12:00 LSB 2320

Louis Santiago
Department of Physiological Ecology, University of California, Riverside

Does Nutrient Limitation Mediate the Responses of Tropical Forest to Climate Change?


Nutrients are a critical resource for plant growth, but the elements limiting growth in tropical forests have rarely been determined. In this lecture, Professor Santiago will present new data on the influence of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) on the growth of tropical trees and productivity of a lowland tropical forest at the Barro Colorado Nature Monument in the Republic of Panama. The 14 years of nutrient addition have taught us important lessons regarding the function of tropical forest. We now know that tree growth is most limited by K, with secondary effects from N and P. We have also learned that different components of the ecosystem, such as roots, leaves and litterfall, and trees of different ages, are limited by contrasting elements. Professor Santiago will expound on the potential for nutrients to mediate the responses of tropical forest trees to environmental change.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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