December 7 2011

12:00 LSB 2320

Marine Physical Laboratory, UC San Diego

*CANCELLED*In–situ Observations of Zooplankton: Fine Scale Distribution, Behavior, and Planktivory


**CANCELLED** n this talk, Dr. Jaffe will describe results obtained from a variety of acoustic and optical systems, invented in his lab that yielded interesting and unique observation about various aspects of zooplankton ecology. In one case, a 3-dimensional sonar designed to measure zooplankton behavior provided strong evidence for size-structured vertical migration. In another case, an optical system that employed planar laser induced fluorescence to image the small-scale distribution of phytoplankton provided results that highlight the vertical patchiness in zooplankton prey. Finally, as will be described, the differential density of zooplankton was measured in a near shore, tropical environment, the Gulf of Aqaba, to yield estimates of the functional response of the fish to their zooplankton prey.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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