November 9 2011

12:00 LSB 2320

John Novembre
Dept of EE Bio, UCLA

Ancestry inference and population genomics: insights to migration, recombination, and purifying selection


The fundamental nature in which DNA is inherited implies that using patterns of genetic similarity and difference one might be able to infer the ancestral origins of genetic material. With the scale of modern population genomic data, this simple idea can be developed and exploited in a myriad of powerful ways to derive biological insights. This talk will highlight several recent projects that develop ancestry inference methods based on principal components analysis, admixture models, and spatial genetic models. Some of the key applications presented will be the inference of migratory bird breeding locations by jointly using genetic and isotopic signatures; the use of chromosomal-level ancestry to estimate genome-wide recombination intensity maps; and an analysis of how rare variants are distributed geographically in a deep sequencing project based on 202 genes sequenced in >14,000 human individuals. The analysis of the deep resequencing project also raises larger questions about the extent of purifying selection in humans.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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