February 24 2011

10:00 LSB 2320

This seminar is sponsored by Department of EEB & IOES

Dov Sax
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Center for Environmental Studies, Brown University

Conservation Biology in the Context of Global Change: Challenges for the 21st Century


Climate change and species invasions are powerful agents of global change that are dramatically challenging the traditional goals and strategies of conservation biology. Research in our lab addresses this challenge with a combination of field work (in the Santa Monica Mountains, central Chile, and elsewhere), modeling (of species’ responses to climate change in the western US), and data synthesis (of invasion and extinction patterns on islands worldwide). In this seminar, I discuss four key areas of research in our lab that address the challenges posed to conservation by global change: i) the relationship between species invasions, extinction and extinction debt, ii) species’ ability to track climate change, iii) efforts to assess the controversial strategy of ‘managed relocation’, and iv) efforts to reassess conservation goals and targets. I will use findings from these projects to illustrate how pressing conservation issues of global concern can inform critical challenges for research, policy and management in southern California.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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