February 17 2011

2:00 pm LSB 2320

This seminar is sponsored by Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology & the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability

Diane Pataki
UC Irvine

The Role of Ecosystem Science in Planning for the Future of Southern California’s Open Space


Ecosystem management in southern California faces increasing challenges from urbanization, pollution, climate change, drought, and other environmental pressures. At the same time, there is a renewed interest in designing and preserving greenspace to mitigate environmental problems and enhance the quality of life of local residents. UC Irvine's Center for Environmental Biology has been involved in a collaborative process of planning management-related research in Orange County's open space as a partnership with local stakeholders. I will discuss this process and the resulting research questions and approaches, which involve priorities in restoration, ecosystem resilience, and an improved understanding of local ecosystem services. I will also discuss my own research in local ecosystem services from the perspective of interactions between ecosystems and water resources, as well as how these interactions may be affected by climate, pollution, and management practices. These studies span a range of land uses from wildlands to highly urbanized and managed landscapes to reflect the diversity of land use in southern California. An overarching goal of this research is to use new advances in ecological science to inform plans for sustainable management of southern California's open space both within and surrounding local cities.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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