February 1 2011

12:00 BSRB 154

Ecolunch: Francesco Santini
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Origin and Evolution of the Modern Coral Reef Fish Fauna


Coral reefs occupy less than 2% of marine surface, yet about 40% of the approximately 170000 marine fish species live predominantly or exclusively on coral reefs. Earlier studies of tetraodontiform fishes (puffers, box- and triggerfish) showed that reef-associated fish clades are significantly more diverse than non reef clades, suggesting that coral reefs have increased fish diversification rates.

We tested to see whether reef-association has driven diversification in other fish clades as well using time-calibrated phylogenies from over 20 reef-associated clades. Analysis of diversification rates based upon method of moments estimates (Magallon and Sanderson, 2001), indicates that reef clades have higher diversification rates than teleost fish as a whole. However we find that most named reef clades are not significantly more diverse than percomorphs. We also apply recently developed comparative methods to test for exceptionally rapid or slow diversification events within reef families and across time periods.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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