November 23 2010

12:00 154 BSRB

EcoLunch: J. Pablo Arroyo
Department of Geography, McGill University

Tropical forest conservation in Costa Rica: from trees to landscape scales


My research focuses on a multidisciplinary approach for forest conservation in tropical forests in Costa Rica. The applications I present are readily transferable to other tropical areas. My talk will start at the individual leaf scale by presenting a novel study measuring the spectral expression of two Neotropical diocious tree species, Hyeronima alchorneoides and Virola koschnyi using field spectrometry techniques. At the stand level I will be presenting the importance of developing a Forestry GIS for Costa Rica and its potential use in forest conservation and biodiversity assessment. In addition, I will show how we can improve our understanding of forest recovery processes after selective logging by combining historical logging data with field inventories and remotely sensed data. At the landscape level, I will show part of my early work using remotely sensed data (i.e. Landsat and IKONOS imagery) to detect land use changes and determine the relationship between forest fragmentation, secondary forest succession and the anthropogenic factors driving these processes in the tropical dry forest of Costa Rica. My presentation will finish with an outlook on my near future research questions.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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