May 25 2011

12:00 LSB 2320

Andrew Gracey
Department of Biological Sciences, USC

Biological Rhythms in a Tidal Environment


Residents in the marine intertidal, the zone where terrestrial and marine habitats converge, inhabit an environment that is subject to both the 24 hr day and night daily rhythm of the terrestrial earth and also the 12.4 hr ebb and flow of the tidal cycle. Through the use of genomics and metabolomics, we are learning how circadian and tidal rhythms operate in this environment and how they affect the physiology of intertidal inhabitants. Using both simulated and natural tidal environments we will show that the transcriptome is particularly responsive to terrestrial cycles, while the metabolome is responsive to tidal cycles. I will also discuss efforts to use molecular signatures to predict mortality in intertidal organisms.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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