March 1 2011

12:00 BSRB 154

Ecolunch: Brant Faircloth
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA

Capturing a Paradigm Shift


Targeted sequence capture is a methodological advance that uses thousands of long, synthetic oligonucleotides to enrich DNA samples for regions or areas of interest. When combined with bioinformatics, massively parallel DNA sequencing, and techniques to track reads during sequencing, sequence capture will alter biology. Specifically, sequence capture enables genomic studies of non-model organisms and facilitates genomic studies at the population level – both focus areas of many biologists. I will give a brief overview of targeted sequence capture, sample tagging and tracking technique, next generation sequencing, and bioinformatic requirements followed by several examples illustrating the integrative of power of these methods to change how we apply molecular techniques to biological questions.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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