May 19 2010

4:00 CA room, Fac Center

John Harte
Energy & Resources Group and Dept of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley

Predicting Climate Change on a Green Planet: The Scope of the Challenge Predicting Climate Change on a Green Planet: The Scope of the Challenge


Seminar is a part of The UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's Thirteenth Annual Biology Research Symposium.

Seminar will be held in the UCLA Faculty Center-California Room at 4pm.

Climate change can transform ecosystems and ecosystems affect climate; hence ecosystem-mediated feedbacks may influence future climate change.
We present evidence from past climate change for strong positive feedback effects that are not incorporated in our current climate models, and infer that global warming is likely to become more intense than is currently predicted. To learn more about how ecosystems will respond to climate warming and how those changes feed back to climate, we have been experimentally warming a subalpine ecosystem in the Colorado Rockies for the past 20 years. Results from this experiment will be presented, and its implications for climate change discussed.
We show that a number of simplifying assumptions currently made in climate-ecosystem investigations are inadequate and conclude that the task of quantifying ecosystem responses to global warming poses a daunting challenge.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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