January 19 2010

12:00 BSRB 154

EcoLunch: Maud Ferrari
Department of Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis

The ecology of fear: learned predator recognition by aquatic vertebrates


Many prey species have been shown to lack innate recognition of their potential predators, thus learning is required for them to be able to recognize and respond to predation threats. When wild-caught, these same species may show amazing sophistication in their responses to predator cues, which, consequently, must be acquired through learning. In my seminar, I will present an overview of the type of information that can be learned by prey, focusing on how prey learn to recognize predators, but also how they learn to recognize non-predators. Finally, I will show how prey can use information about known predators to make an educated guess about the identity of a novel, yet familiar, species.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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