March 3 2010

12:00 LSB 2320

Joseph Tobias
Edward Grey Institute, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

Character displacement in animal signals: insights from Neotropical suboscine birds


According to theory, the mating signals of related species are expected to diverge in sympatry as a result of reproductive character displacement, whereas aggressive signals may converge as a result of agonistic character displacement. However, previous studies provide only limited support for these hypotheses. The songs of suboscine passerine birds offer a useful system for re-evaluating the role of character displacement in signal evolution because they are structurally simple and function in both territory defense and mate attraction. The results of detailed experimental and comparative studies in diverse suboscine families reveal that song evolution is shaped by a combination of divergent and convergent processes, shedding light on a long-standing debate in evolutionary biology











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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