April 4 2019

4:00 pm LSB 2320

Terry Hughes
James Cook University

Responses of Coral Reefs to Global Warming Responses of Coral Reefs to Global Warming


Distinguished Professor Terry Hughes is the Director of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, headquartered at James Cook University in Queensland. A recurrent theme in his studies is the application of new scientific knowledge towards improving management of marine environments, especially coral reefs. His publications focus on population dynamics, life histories, marine ecology, biogeography, and the responses of ecosystems to anthropogenic climate change. In 2016, Terry was recognized by Nature magazine as one of Nature’s “Top Ten People Who Mattered This Year” for his leadership in responding to coral bleaching throughout the tropics in 2015/6, due to global warming. He has been awarded the International Society for Reef Studies’ Darwin Medal, and an Einstein Professorship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2018, Prince Albert II of Monaco presented him with the 2018 Climate Change Award, recognizing his contribution to advancing understanding of the influence of rapid climate change on the world’s coral reefs.

Hosts: Blaire Van Valkenburgh and Robert Wayne

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