February 6 2019

12:00 Hershey Hall 158

Aspen Reese
Harvard University Herbaria

Ecological Dynamics Past, Present, and Future of the Gut Microbiota


Host-associated microbes shape the ecology and evolution of the organisms they inhabit. They are in turn shaped by host behavior and interactions within the community. Disentangling these drivers, and measuring their functional implication for the host, can clarify understanding of the biology of these systems and identify potential routes for manipulation. To do this, my research combines ecology, evolution, microbiology, and genomics to track the dynamics of host and gut microbial responses under environmental change. Case-studies to be presented include: post-antibiotic microbial succession; host-induced nitrogen limitation; and the impacts of animal domestication. Future research will address the role of the gut microbiota in host acclimation and adaption by using ecologically-realistic conditions to assess short-term functional tradeoffs and long-term implications for host fitness.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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