April 19 2018

4:00 pm LSB 2320

Julia Sigwart

Biodiversity in Deep Time, and the Deep Sea


Julia Sigwart
Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, and Environmental Economics
Queens University Belfast

Dr. Sigwarts research focusses on the evolution and phylogenetics of molluscs, using a broad range of tools and sources of data, from genetics to anatomy and physiology to palaeontology.

In particular she uses the Polyplacophora (also called chitons or coat-of-mail shells) to test ideas about diversity and evolution under morphological constraint. Chitons are 'living fossils' that have changed little in their external morphology for hundreds of millions of years; because of this they make excellent models to investigate what we can (and cannot) understand about evolution from different sources of biological data.

She has a new book coming out this summer, What Species Mean: A Users Guide to the Units of Biodiversity.

Host: David Jacobs

Thursday, April 19, 2018
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