December 5 2018

12:00 LSB 2320

Daniel Stokols

Influence of the Natural Environment on Human Well-being - A Social Ecological View


RevBayes is a software package for model-based inference of phylogenetic trees and other evolutionary parameters (Höhna et al. Systematic Biology, 2016). The key features of RevBayes are its use of a probabilistic graphical modeling framework and an interpreted language (called Rev) for specifying hierarchical models and analyses. Consequently, RevBayes is inherently flexible and modular, providing a framework for Bayesian phylogenetic analysis under complex, biologically realistic evolutionary models. In my talk, I will highlight the background and theory of RevBayes, present some of our recent work on new macroevolutionary models, and discuss some of our future goals for the project. More information about the RevBayes project can be found at RevBayes

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