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Professors Paul Barber and Bob Wayne named HHMI Professors

The department is very excited to announce that two EEB faculty, Drs. Paul Barber and Bob Wayne, have been named HHMI Professors. This is an amazing honor for them, for UCLA, and for EEB. This year HHMI only named 14 new HHMI Professors nationwide. For two of these HHMI Professors to be at a single institution, and within a single department at that institution, reflects the exceptional efforts that Paul and Bob have made and will continue to make toward improving education, and the strong commitment of UCLA and the EEB Department to undergraduate education.

The HHMI Professorship is an award that recognizes excellence in research and education and provides financial support to empower recipients to explore new approaches to important challenges in science education. Through the HHMI Professors Program, the Institute is hoping to change the culture of research universities so that innovation in teaching is as highly valued as innovation in research. HHMI Professors are scientist whose research careers have armed them with years of valuable experience and an ambition not only to share their skill and knowledge with students but also to become a model for other faculty members, both inside and outside their home institution. With this award, Paul and Bob will join the Society of HHMI Professors, 52 scientists who are working together to advance best practices and principles in science education.

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