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Annual EEB Research Poster Symposium Results

Top Undergraduate Posters:

1st Place: #1 Michelle Lee, David Cairns, and Keith Gaddis. “Treeline advance of white spruce (Picea glauca) in south-central Alaska”

2nd Place: #12 Mehdi Nojoumi, Anthony P. Clevenger, Eric Abelson, and Daniel T. Blumstein. “How vehicular traffic effects elk and white-tailed deer at wildlife crossings in Banff National Park”

3rd Place: #13 Emily K. Chen, Kenneth J. Chapin, and Peter Nonacs. “Optimal egg size and tradeoffs between offspring number and quality in an amblypygid”

Honorable Mention #6 David Cerny and Michael E. Alfaro. “Phylogeny and divergence times of tetraodoniform fishes based on a new multi-locus dataset”

Top Graduate Posters:

1st Place: #19 Julia C. Notar and Malcolm S. Gordon. “A comparative study of sea urchin visual ecology”

2nd Place: #20 Rita Rachmawati, Amy Apprill, and Paul H. Barber. "Variation of endosymbiotic microbes between healthy and bleached corals”

3rd Place: #17 Bruno Passarelli and Bruno Pernet. "The marine live bait trade in southern California: a pathway for introduction of non-indigenous species of parasites”