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Professor Peggy Fong wins William A. Niering Outstanding Educator Award

The Coastal Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) is a national association that promotes research and public policy objectives in nearshore ecosystems. Since 2001, CERF has recognized leaders in estuarine education excellence with the William A. Niering Outstanding Educator Award. The award was named after Niering who was a pioneer in wetlands ecology and tirelessly supported businesses and educators who promoted practices that protected coastal ecosystems. Peggy Fong is a world famous leader in estuarine ecology and unquestionably effervescent when discussing her research. Her enthusiasm and approachability opened the gate for many undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in coastal and estuarine science. The nomination process involves the submission of a letter outlining her distinguished scientific career and notable achievements as an educator in ecology. The nomination was supported by two letters from her colleagues and four from current or past students. In reading the submissions, it is clear that Peggy not only brings a high standard of excellence to our field but her passion for research inspires other young researchers to follow in her footsteps. That is why Peggy Fong was an undeniable candidate for the William A. Niering Outstanding Educator Award to be presented in Portland, Oregon this November.