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Assistant Researcher Brant Faircloth and collaborators awarded a $43,000 EAGER grant from NSF

Assistant Researcher Brant Faircloth, Travis Glenn (University of Georgia), and Kevin Winker (University of Alaska) were awarded a $43,000 EAGER grant from NSF entitled: “Using ul- traconserved elements (UCEs) as genomic markers to study shallow levels of evolutionary divergence”.

This 1-year project will demonstrate the utility of using ultraconserved genomic elements (UCEs) and their flanking DNA as genomic markers for studies of populations and species. Because UCEs are highly conserved regions of the genome, shared across divergent organismal groups (humans to lizards), UCEs could potentially provide hundreds to thousands of genetic markers that are universal across large taxonomic groups. This project will capture and sequence the DNA of >2,000 UCE loci in 18 species (from three organismal classes) to test the utility and power of UCEs as universal population genomic markers.