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Four Students in EEB were awarded Dean's Prize Winners at the 2012 Science Poster day

Four students in EEB were Dean's Prize Winners at the 2012 Science Poster Day:

Andrea Chan, Marine Biology major (faculty mentor: Paul H. Barber, EEB)
Title: Genetic Analysis of Pseudochromis Color Morphs from the Coral Triangle Leads to the Potential Discovery of a New Species

Kevin Coffey, double major in Geology and Biology (faculty mentor: Axel K. Schimitt, Earth and Space Sciences)
Title: Determining the Source of Volcanic Ash in Maya Ceramics Using Zircon Crystallization Ages

Monica Hernandez, Biology major (faculty mentor: Ann M. Hirsch, MCDB)
Title: Quorum Sensing is Required for Normal Infection of Nitrogen-Fixing Nodules by Sinorhizobium meliloti and May Regulate the Expression of Many Genes

Timothy White, Biology major (faculty mentor: Peggy M. Fong, EEB)
Title: Spatial and Temporal Variation of Nutrient Limitation and Initial Tissue Nutrient Levels in Tropical Macroalgae

Also, Richard Zimmer, EEB, was the faculty mentor for another Dean's Prize Winner:
Nancy Tu, Environmental Science major
Title: Chemosensory Basis for Keystone Predation